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Why you will not receive a Valentines email from Beachhead this year

I’ve noticed today dozens of B2B companies sending Valentines Day cards. Is this the new trend?

Yuliya recently asked on

“How B2B enterprises can generate a qualified audience for the company’s Facebook page?”

Let me propose this question differently:

“How can I get my qualified audience of businesses to invite me, a marketer, into their living room?”

Facebook is the virtual living room. Its private. Your salespeople should be there, connecting with customers as friends. Your HR should be there, looking for great talent and promoting your culture.

But not you, the marketer. This may change, but it hasn’t yet, and the only exceptions are marketers selling to marketers who want to believe otherwise.

As a B2B marketer, you belong in the office, in the market, in the public. Not in the living room. And executives will quietly seethe when you violate this.

This applies to Valentine’s Day as well.

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